Padhaai provides multiple ways of participation and engagement depending on your ability to contribute with time, money or in-kind resources.

  1. Donate: You can donate by way of cash/cheque/electronic transfer.
  2. Help in collection of books: You can help by facilitating collection of notebooks. You can start this exercise at home, spread word among neighbours, friends and others.
  3. Help in identification of communities/schools/individuals for distribution: Help in identifying the schools/communities or students who are deserving and in need of help to buy school books and stationery.
    Primary objective of this initiative being to help children gain access to resources, you play an important role in helping “Padhaai” to identify the right section of communities we should extend help to. You can refer to these communities – not necessary that they belong to Bangalore. For instance, if you are aware of requirements in your village/town from where you hail, you can recommend them to “Padhaai”.
  4. Volunteer: By helping to teach over weekends or your spare time. Volunteerism is still in a nascent stage in India, and Padhaai hopes to encourage people by providing them different opportunities to contribute with their time and effort.